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New Resource from uCentral

The suite of clinical resources available from the library through uCentral now includes Drug Interactions from The Medical Letter. Drug Interactions offers a quick guide to interactions between drugs and suggests precautionary measures.

Interactions can be searched by generic or brand name; brand names for combination products are not always listed. Reports of interactions between more than two drugs have begun to appear in the medical literature; where these have been documented, they are noted in the discussion section.

The following information is included for interacting drugs:

  • the main effect(s)
  • clinical significance of the interaction,
  • management recommendations,
  • mechanism of the interaction,
  • discussion of clinical and research data related to the interaction,
  • description of how similar drugs may or may not interact,
  • list of supporting references.

uCentral provides cross-links that take you from one resource to related content on another. For example, drug information in Davis’s Drug Guide or the Johns Hopkins ABX Guide, is cross-linked to related information in Drug Interactions.

uCentral is available on the web and as a mobile app.

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