Free medical image and radiology database

The National Library of Medicine hosts MedPix, which is a “searchable online database of medical images, teaching cases, and clinical topics.” This collection includes almost 54,000 images, including x-rays, photographs, and more, which you can explore by conducting a text search. You can browse by diagnosis, which are organized alphabetically. In total, this collection includes almost 20,000 patient cases.

MedPix was designed as a resource for current medical practitioners as well as medical students.

MedPix also offers a free Continuing Medical Education (CME) course for current medical practitioners.

CORRECTED: Dosing Error in The Harriet Lane Handbook, 21e

The dosage error for hydromorphone HCL (in Child and Adolescent ‚Č•50 kg) in the 21st edition of the Harriet Lane Handbook has been corrected.

ClinicalKey has restored The Harriet Lane Handbook 21e to its collection.

A corrected version of the Harriet Lane Handbook is also available on the web via our uCentral subscription.

If you have installed the uCentral mobile app on a mobile device, you must download the most recent content update to ensure that you have the corrected version of the Handbook.

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