National Public Health Week: Technology and Public Health

The text4baby app is an example of using technology in the service of public health. It is designed to make it easier for new mothers to get critical health and safety information, as well as text reminders for doctor’s appointments.

Text4baby is a data-driven initiative. Staff routinely monitor and analyze a wide array of data collected by the program, including data on enrollment, completion and cancellation, participant-reported reason for cancellation, referral source, and descriptive data from various surveys sent through the mobile platform. Click here for some of the findings.

National Public Health Week: Rural Health

The first week in April is National Public Health Week. Today’s focus is Rural Health.

The Resource Library of the National Rural Health Resource Center includes webinars, presentations, articles, and toolkits developed by trusted industry leaders to guide and support rural health stakeholders.

The Rural Health Research Gateway provides access to research conducted by the Rural Health Research Centers, funded by the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy.

National Public Health Week: Healthy Communities

New York City Community Health Profiles capture the health of 59 community districts across the city. They contain over 50 measures of neighborhood health. These reports highlight the disparities among neighborhoods and can be used by policymakers, community groups, health professionals, researchers and residents to encourage community engagement and action.

Additional resources include Community Health Profiles 2018 Map Atlas and the Public Use Dataset.

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