Measles Resources

New York City is experiencing an outbreak of Measles. There are a number of available resources with information about the outbreak.

A new entry has been added to the Red Book Online Outbreaks section, providing information about the measles outbreak and its impacts on the pediatric population.

GIDEON, Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Network, gives access to statistics on infection rates in addition to several diagnostic tools.

Additional information can be found in the Library’s UCentral collection which includes access to the Johns Hopkins ABX Guide and the Harriet Lane Handbook.


If you have logged into EndNote or Web of Science recently, you may have noticed a splash screen inviting you to sign in to Kopernio – a free browser plug-in and web platform that enables one-click access to academic journal articles, across library subscriptions, publisher websites, open access repositories, databases and search engines. We are working with the provider, Clarivate Analytics, to properly configure Kopernio for use by the Einstein community, but it is not yet available. For now, we recommend that you just click “Ignore this” to get past the prompt. For more information on Kopernio, see the FAQ on the EndNote website.

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